Motivated by a passion for Gods church, SOAR Ministries exists to equip and empower the local church and its various ministries. Our principal agenda is to help the church become and remain healthy! While we believe God wants His church to grow, our real focus is “church health”. With that said, we understand that HEALTHY THINGS GROW.  Here are our 4 primary objectives…

  1. We seek to train and build strong spiritual leaders who will impact their communities for Christ.
  2. We seek to strengthen churches administratively which enables them to be purpose driven and culturally relevant.
  3. We seek to produce healthy churches which, in turn, produce healthy disciples.
  4. We are dedicated to providing pastors and church leaders with proven resource materials at a reasonable price.

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Honored to Meet You

Ron Schubert is a devoted follower and student of Christ. He is married to Robin Schubert and father of two grown children: Brittany and Chad. Vocationally, Ron serves as the lead pastor of an incredible church called Harvest Ministries in Michigan and is the founder and president of SOAR Ministries.

He is known for his creativity and visioneering, and his ability to incorporate both through effective communication. Each year, Ron is invited to speak and teach at numerous leadership and training events across the U.S. and internationally. He also spends a great deal of time training and mentoring church consultants.

Ron states that his purpose in life is to revitalize the health and vitality of the local church. His unique approach is strategic, and tailored to address the individual needs of the groups he works with. When problems are identified, he helps to develop creative solutions that lead to effective outcomes. Ron is a Level 5, Certified Church Consultant and an Ordained Bishop in the Church of God.

He is a husband, father, pastor, author, leadership trainer, church health professional, coach, trainer and a leadership conference speaker. Together, Ron and Robin have over 50 years combined ministry experience and continue to serve the Lord with passion.



  • In 1982, Ron humbly accepted the call to preach the Gospel at the young age of 19. He started immediately as a youth pastor and has continued to serve the Lord in various ministries ever since.
  • In 2000, Ron created SOAR Ministries. Now, in its 11th year, Ron and his ministry partners have helped many pastors and churches across this nation.
  • Ron is the author of “No Boundaries”, a systematic discipleship program being used at churches around the globe. He has also written several teaching series and ministry programs.
  • The 3 Platform System is another great creation that is accredited to Ron. Currently being used by several churches, it has been proven to effectively inspire and develop new believers.
  • His most recent development is the one year church health system called MEDIC 1.

Ready to Serve You!

At SOAR Ministries, we are resolute in our effort to be creative and relevant. which enables us to offer some of the best church health services in the country. You can put our years of experience and expertise to work for you.


                            Church Consultations


76 of the TOP 100 churches in the United States sought help and insight from an outside consultant, YET… According to Gary McIntosh, “Only 20% of American congregations pursue strategic planning.” Often times a new Vantage Point will provide church leaders with the fresh perspective they need to see their way through various ministerial challenges. Our trained consultants can identify and correct unhealthy patterns that cause churches to lose their impact.

At SOAR Ministries you will receive personal attention from our team of professionals. No other church consultant service provides such comprehensive research and health analysis. Our on-site visits, personalized strategic plans and detailed reports enable us to offer the best program available.

Contact Ron Schubert at for more details.



                         Church Health System


At “MEDIC 1″ our goal is to RESTORE HEALTH TO THE CHURCH IN AMERICA! Here’s how we propose to do it…One of our trained consultants will meet with your leadership team once a month for 12 months. During every meeting a 90 minute training tract will be presented along with 30 minutes of educational interaction. At the conclusion of each session a “work system” is assigned to be implemented by church leaders. Upon completion of our 1 year program, your church WILL be healthier and better prepared to impact your community for Christ.

MEDIC 1 is for churches of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if your attendance is 25 or 2,500, this process will positively impact your church. Learn more by clicking the link below.

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                               Ministry Resources


The materials offered on 3 PLATFORMS were created for pastors, by pastors. Birthed out of personal need, the staff has taken several years to develop teaching and training material that can be used by churches of any size.

There are several sermon sites on the web, but 3 PLATFORMS is much more than a collection of sermons. Numerous ministry materials have been placed on this site including titles such as; The Power of Vision, Leadership LIFT, Truth Seekers and The Chameleon Project. There is also The Connections New Convert Program, Several Ministry Job Descriptions, Outreach Strategies, and yes, we also have Sermon Outlines.

For more details of available products contact Ron Schubert at

Training is our Passion

Each year, SOAR consultants train church leaders using our programs and materials. Below you will find a list of the various training tracks that we offer.


Power of Vision

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