Why Soar Ministries?

Here’s what we know… Churches in North America are in a sustained statistical free fall and the parachutes are not working!

  • Pastors have gone from full time to part time to no time!
  • Evangelism is practically non-existent!
  • Multiple churches are on deathwatch!

Here’s another thing we know… God can pump life into dead and dying things! God specializes in reviving things once thought dead.  We might be down for the count but God is again breathing life into His church.

Church Revitalization is what we do. Offering the perfect mixture of creativity and experience, we can help fix the parachute prior to fatal impact! No matter your church size, our programs and processes will help in your effort to build a strong, healthy, vibrant church.

We help Church Leaders Lead Healthy Churches!


Your church was birthed with vision and driven by mission. You can reignite your spiritual vibrancy through church revitalization.

Sports Rec

A bold new approach to personal evangelism is here using the game we love as an effective evangelistic tool. Play to win…your friends to Christ!

Leadership Training

Build a strong leadership team using four critical phases of training: Recruiting, management, health and vision.